These sculptures stand to discuss our endeavours to create and exist in a world of artificial nature. I explore themes of attraction/repulsion, familiar/unfamiliar and other-worldliness by examining the conventions of displaying nature within our culture. I often use porcelain for its symbolism, its purity, fragility and strength, often mixing with contrasting materials for example silicone rubber, metal, the ready-made object, other clays and glass. The ceramic methods I use in making are often traditionally based.

The works can exist in a variety of environments, often made in components it can transform and change through installation. To some extent, the work is seen in its true light away from the gallery space. In displaying the work in a gallery context, new questions arise of how the viewer experiences not only nature itself, but art about nature and the role of artificiality. In doing this, I present a reflection on the contemporary situation of the relationship between nature and culture.

I accept commissions, enjoy looking and please contact me if you have any enquiries.
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